Social Magnetics

Smart Voice Solutions
We building open, drop-in solutions based around our distributed IoT based object model, Alexa, Alexa Voice Services and other Amazon technologies. 

Alexa Integration Services
We can provide everything from Alexa Skill, Grammar and Voice Model development, through to AWS Lambdas, AWS IoT and other AWS technologies in general. We are a one-stop-shop for all Alexa integration and development needs. 

Distributed Systems Research 

The Social Magnetics Network Object Model is a modern, scalable and light-weight reactive platform for connecting people, places, services and devices across space and time. 

Totally distributed, simple to use and easy to extend, it provides a unifying architecture to drive and enable whole home, city, and space experiences that integrate both on-site and off-site services with distributed and composable intelligent agents that collaborate and work together - a "bus" for AI connectivity.