Simona Nickmanova

Organised over 20 events, summits, festivals, hackathons, pitch competitions and other dangerous things for startups & the tech scene in Amsterdam in the past year

After finishing my Master's degree in linguistics, various events led me to the world of IT and startups - a place where every day is a new challenge with a high potential of making a difference. 

During my professional life I lived and worked throughout Europe and Russia, what turned me into a proper global citizen. Having this inexplicable fascination for AI & robots, I very much enjoy nerdy company, well thought out processes in the team, beer, being one step ahead, more beer, using events as tools for greater purpose & working with people who are not afraid to go where no one else has gone before!

Currently also running Amsterdam's quarterly Applied AI summit and connecting startups with researchers with VCs with young talent and corporates into one big happy clump.