We put consumers' behavior analytics and insights at your fingertips. 

At Sightcorp, we are re-inventing how businesses interact and engage with customers. We focus on providing the latest Face Analysis Technology and powerful insights into human behavior, so our clients can focus on meeting their core goals: building competitive products and delivering delightful customer experience.   
We are Computer Vision scientists, researchers and visionaries united by a common passion for impacting people’s lives through advanced technologies and algorithms.

We are particularly enthusiastic about the immense and unique information that human faces contain. That’s why, at Sightcorp, we focus on interpreting facial cues and on understanding people’s feelings, interest and profiles, through faces in images and video frames. 

We are a pioneer in the real-time measurement of facial expressions combined with age, gender, ethnicity, head gaze and precise eye tracking functionality. Our technology offers high flexibility by working both offline and online, and on all major platforms, so customers can easily build their next-gen, human-aware app in their favorite desktop and mobile environments. It's that simple. 

Our journey began many years ago: we pride ourselves for having a solid scientific foundation that relies on more than 15 years of R&D in the analysis of faces and human behavior.
Thanks to our close collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, and to our in-house team with high expertise in AI and Computer vision, we make sure to be always at the forefront of the latest developments and scientific innovations.