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Sandra Reeb-Gruber

My mission in (professional) life is to make learning as enjoyable, useful and effective for people as it has always been for me, in a way that fits them. I love to learn. I wouldn't be surprised if the ultimate purpose of life is to learn... To discover interests, passions, talents and to develop them further. The Development Centered Paradigm I worked on and wrote about a few years ago together with a team of international friends is, though still a work in progress, very much at the core of my personal philosophy regarding learning and education. 

As a result, my entire professional life so far has revolved around (higher) education. Starting with looking at the quality of education, through advising on strategic issues regarding education (internationalization, program portfolio), and provides guidance, leadership and coaching to teams of (teacher) developers, to designing, developing and implementing the entirely new 4-year bachelor program International Business Innovation Studies in recent years (
In my almost two decades of experience I've developed new study programs (content), new educational formats (e.g. competency-based learning and culturally inclusive education), educational policy and hands-on tools (e.g. program and curriculum internationalization), and assisted, facilitated and lead teams to further develop and implement these in their own environments.

My other passion in life is photography. Through several courses, workshops and intensive photography trips (New York, Cuba, Tanzania, France) I've been able to reach an advanced amateur level that only makes me want to learn more and improve further. A selection of my photos can be found on Vieuwbug: