Rob van Putten

I am a geotechnical engineer with programming and data science / artificial intelligence skills. My main focus is keeping The Netherlands safe against flooding. I have been working for Waternet since 2006. Since I do not like boring jobs I started with the automation of levee assessments by implementing the dike automation module. After that I was responsible for the tests with new sensoring techniques. This led to the development of a prototype for an early warning flood defense system in Amsterdam. I am driven by a simple philosophy, automate boring stuff and always develop tools for practical usage. Waternet is a waterboard that deals with all water related issues in Amsterdam. With over 1.700 people from field technicians to boardmembers and assets from sewage to dikes we deal with the complete water cycle. Waternet actively collaborates with universities, high schools and businesses to develop usable innovations in the field of water management.