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Ruben Timmerman

Ruben Timmerman is an enthusiastic internet entrepreneur and founder of Springest: the largest learning marketplace in Europe, and a popular learning platform for organisations. Springest has the mission to help everyone realise their full potential through learning. Ruben has a background in marketing and is a specialist in the field of User Experience (UX) Design, Online Marketing and learning organisations. This background has helped Springest disrupt the world of education and learning technology.

From a ‘sexy’ start-up to a profitable scale-up, Springest now has over 50 employees  spread across Amsterdam and Berlin. Springest was the first company in the Netherlands to implement the Holacracy mode: a way of working without a top-down management hierarchy. In Holacracy, authority is distributed to all employees through organic, flat structures within ‘circles’ (teams) and ‘roles’ (responsibilities). Ruben implemented this structure in 2012, so that Springest could grow without the constraints of a bureaucracy. With the help of pringests’ tech-driven B2B proposition, Springest Go, Ruben now also aims to liberate organisations and their employees from the self-inflicted boundaries set upon the growth of the company and its people. With Springest, the proof is in the pudding - by liberating the way people learn, companies unlock human potential.

Springest has won awards for good employership in 2014 (1st place), 2015 (1st place) and 2016 (3rd place). The learning climate and agility of the company are lauded and employees are measurably happier than in other organisations.