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Mattew LaPorte

At the age of 17, undecided as to my personal career aspirations, I joined the army. For the better part of the next 13 years, minus a couple of breathers in between, my obligations in life were that of being a soldier.

A long 13-year story short, the army afforded me experiences in a multitude of environments and roles, both physically and mentally demanding, that at one time or another tested my determination to the tasks at hand. Through it all I learned to persevere and as a cornerstone, developed a long list of soft skills that have been tried and proven under varying circumstances.

Fast forward to today and I am on to something new, having been given the opportunity to attend a five-week web developer bootcamp joint traineeship, run by a company in Amsterdam called Codaisseur. The bootcamp was intensive but in a nutshell focused on: object oriented programming with Ruby, framework and relational database modeling with Rails, exploration and implementation of JavaScript libraries and group collaboration using git.

It may be a far cry from the army but I am utilizing that same grit and determination to now better my hard skills in the world of programming. Although I still have a lot to learn in my newly chosen field, I am firm in my resolve to capitalize on this amazing opportunity. If you think I might be a good fit at your company and you’re willing to give me a shot, we should get together and chat over a strong cup of coffee or a well crafted beer.