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Marco Marechal

Marco Maréchal (1970) currently works as a strategical (communications) advisor, project manager, spin doctor, communications manager, guest speaker, moderator, chairman and presenter. In 1996, he founded his company Connected Strategic Change Processes. The company is intensively involved in the area of water, mobility, traffic and transport.

My inspiration is to go global and conduct the survey, my vision and these results in other countries. As an organization we can provide strategic (communication) advice to all levels of government and accompanied business organizations. Guiding and giving advice to the different kind of projects in the field of Public Transport, self driving cars, cooperative systems, connected cars, smart mobility and smart city. We operate on the cutting edge of technology and human behavior (people). By knowing and understanding the need (knowledge, attitude and behavior) of stakeholders and the public, let them participate in the different kind of projects, you can not only create acceptance but also develop services and products that people want to buy.