Leon Gommans

Leon Gommans received his PhD from University of Amsterdam in December 2014 on the topic Multi-domain authorization for e-Infrastructures. In 2015 he became Science Officer within the R&D department of the Air France KLM Group IT Strategy & Technology Office and is a guest researcher with the Systems and Network Engineering group of the Informatics Institute of University of Amsterdam. Within the context of several Air France KLM business units, Leon researches the value of future Internet capabilities. As member of the CTO office of Cabletron Systems, he started his research into multi-domain authorization systems in 1998 within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Here he was a co-founder of the AAA Architecture Research group. He continued his research in 2001 at University of Amsterdam and in 2008 as sr. infrastructure architect within Air France KLM. Trusted sharing of Big Data assets across multiple domains by means of Future Internet infrastructure capabilities is topic that combines many of Leon’s research interests and ambitions.