Jonathan Carter

Jonathan Carter founded Glimworm in 2001 with one mission, to make technology Fast, Easy and Affordable. Since then it has transformed itself from a Web and digital agency to a full service IoT bureau with a focus on Smart parking , mobility and Urban Internet of things. Glimworm Beacons is the first Dutch mass producer of iBeacon compatible sensors. Our beacons are used in all verticals including AHOLD, de Bijenkorf, the Philips Museum, Violia trains and many more. The Amsterdam IoT Living Lab is open and implemented in public spaces to provide access to developers and solution providers to test next generation interactive mobile applications that also generate open data thus creating new value chains across industries. The goal of IoT Living Lab is to provide IoT infrastructure and actionable Open Data and developer friendly platforms for emerging IoT innovations which stimulates the creation of new startups and mobile applications making a rapid impact on the local economy. Jonathan is co-organiser of Amsterdam Sensmakers , one of the largest IoT meetups in the world. Sensemakers concentrates on the creative and human side of IoT and how it can be used to make sense of the world around us. Sensemakers has helped, launched or promoted many companies and initiatives including the Air Quality Egg, The Smart Citizen kit, Sodaq, Keezel, Relayr, Birdi, and The Things Network. Co-founder of Glimworm, Glimworm Beacons, IoT Living Lab - Co-organiser of Sensemakers Amsterdam (IoT) and other tech meetups – Co-creator of Parkshark, Vistory, sparks parking sign – IoT mentor at startup bootcamp.