Hitachi Europe is the headquarters of the Hitachi group of companies in Europe. We are a group of nearly 10,000 professionals working across Europe with a mission to contribute to society through the delivery of Social Innovation Business. We believe that social innovation holds the power to deliver a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future for our society and planet. 

With 142 legal entities and approximately 10,000 employees, Hitachi group in Europe is expanding its already significant presence through organic growth of its four strategic sectors. These sectors include Power Systems, Rail Systems, Construction Machinery & Enterprise Storage Systems. Hitachi in Europe is committed to improving society through the development of technology

Hitachi aims to excel through clear ideals and a strong sense of purpose. Our brand strategy acts as a credo for the people in our business and is how we present our ethos to the world. 

Hitachi’s vision is about improving society through technology. We are committed to understanding the needs of our customers, setting ambitious goals and driving technology forward to meet and exceed their expectations. We embrace emerging technologies and new ideas, pushing the front line of progress forward and acting as a catalyst of change.

Hitachi in Europe. Inspire the Next.